Uncanny Landscapes

Uncanny Landscapes #1 - Angus Carlyle

June 29, 2020

An interview by Justin Hopper with author and artist Angus Carlyle.

We spoke about his books of let’s-call-them-air-quotes-Nature-Writing that both reflect his lifelong love of the genre and some of the conflicts at its heart. About running through the downs at night. About nature writing and indices, and mental health, and hangovers, and about the dadaist bureaucracy through which he approaches the natural world.

There are a few technical glitches in these recordings. Please take these as they are - cracks, through which the light gets in.


Angus Carlyle's Night Blooms from Makina Books

Angus's website and his Twitter and, why not?, his Instagram

(Host Justin Hopper has a website, too)

Music by Teleplasmiste

Title sounds by The Belbury Poly courtesy Ghost Box Records

Icons by Stefan Musgrove / Firebrand Creative

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