Uncanny Landscapes

Uncanny Landscapes #4 - Stein Farstadvoll

August 13, 2020
Uncanny Landscapes #4 - Stein Farstadvoll
An interview by Justin Hopper with archaeologist Stein Farstadvoll. 
Stein Farstadvoll is an archaeologist of the contemporary world working in arctic Norway and based at the University of Tromso. His work images vestigial and out-of-place objects that contribute to uncanny places: from an abandoned landscape garden to the military ruins of the area’s World War 2 German fortifications. 
Stein’s instagram and twitter feeds are full of images and information.
You can read about the Boxgrove, West Sussex, horse butchery archaeological site on the BBC News site, here.
Host Justin Hopper has a website, too; twitter, even.
The music is Behind the Spiderweb Gate by Alison Cotton, from her new album Only Darkness Now, available from bandcamp.
Title sounds by The Belbury Poly courtesy Ghost Box Records
Icons by Stefan Musgrave / Firebrand Creative

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