Uncanny Landscapes

Uncanny Landscapes #6 - Gareth E. Rees

September 25, 2020
Uncanny Landscapes #6 - Gareth E. Rees
An interview by Justin Hopper with writer Gareth E. Rees. 
Gareth Rees is an author whose books explore modern myths and folklore of place. He has previously published 2013’s Marshland, about Hackney, and 2018’s The Stone Tide, before becoming nationally known for 2019’s Car Park Life. His new book is Unofficial Britain, about the 'first shoots of future folklore emerging from an urban Britain that ... remains very strange indeed'.
Gareth Rees runs the Unofficial Britain website, and can be found on Twitter many days. 
Music included ‘Save My Soul’ by Rees’ band The Dirty Contacts, and Church of Ferles by musician, writer and artist Matthew Shaw - available from his Bandcamp. All music courtesy the artists.
Host Justin Hopper has a website, too; twitter, even.
Title sounds by The Belbury Poly courtesy Ghost Box Records
Icons by Stefan Musgrave / Firebrand Creative

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