Uncanny Landscapes

Uncanny Landscapes #7 - Kate Davis

November 12, 2020
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Uncanny Landscapes #7 - Kate Davis
An interview by Justin Hopper with poet Kate Davis. 
Kate Davis is a poet, performer, artist, swimmer, taxidermist and more based in the Furness peninsula of northwestern England. Her book The Girl Who Forgets How To Walk (Penned in the Margins) examines a lifelong relationship to that landscape as affected by childhood polio. 
Kate Davis is on Twitter; her book is available from Penned in the Margins. The film of The Girl Who Forgets How To Walk, made with Julia Parks, is available online via the Zebra Poetry Film Festival from 13-22 November, and afterwards via Julia Parks’ website

The music was Undertow by Richard Skelton, on the album The Complete Landings, available from Bandcamp

You can support this podcast and its interviewees by purchasing Kate’s book and many others mentioned from the Uncanny Landscapes Bookshop mini-shop

Host Justin Hopper is on twitter, and has a Link Tree here.

Title sounds by The Belbury Poly courtesy Ghost Box Records
Icons by Stefan Musgrove / Firebrand Creative

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