Uncanny Landscapes

Uncanny Landscapes #8 - Rich Pell of Center for PostNatural History

November 26, 2020
Uncanny Landscapes #8 - Rich Pell, the Center for PostNatural History
An interview by Justin Hopper with artist Rich Pell of the Center for PostNatural History. 
Rich Pell is an artist and art professor based in Pittsburgh who founded and operates the Center for PostNatural History - a permanent museum dedicated to the cultural influence on evolution.
The Center has a website, and is also on Twitter. The film Pell made with filmmaker Penny Lane, about the history of Sea Monkeys, is available from her website. And Ian Nagoski's record label, Canary Records, has a Bandcamp including archival birdsong material.
The music was (Wo)MenHir, from Building the Goddess Temple, and The Orbenfolk, from Suppertime Seance, by Orbury Common - available from their Bandcamp
You can support this podcast by purchasing the books we mention from the Uncanny Landscapes Bookshop mini-shop
Host Justin Hopper is on twitter, and has a Link Tree.
Title sounds by The Belbury Poly courtesy Ghost Box Records

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